Pollution mask - Black - with 2 Activated Carbon Filters PM2.5
Pollution mask - Black - with 2 Activated Carbon Filters PM2.5
Pollution mask - Black - with 2 Activated Carbon Filters PM2.5
Pollution mask - Black - with 2 Activated Carbon Filters PM2.5
Pollution mask - Black - with 2 Activated Carbon Filters PM2.5
Pollution mask - Black - with 2 Activated Carbon Filters PM2.5

Pollution mask - Black - with 2 Activated Carbon Filters PM2.5

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NOTE: Due to a packaging mistake, you will receive this product with a packaging indicating the product has one valve. It is only written on the packaging while the actual product inside is without valve as showed in pictures and written in descriptions.

BEST AIR FILTRATION: Active carbon filtration (PM2.5) filters dust, pollen, volatile organic compounds, smoke, mold spores, smog and other airborne pollutants. Perfect for city pollution, allergies and flu prevention, lawn mowing, biking, indoor and outdoor protection from airborne contaminants.

✔ GREAT FIT: The mask is designed with adjustable ear strips and an extra layer covering your chin for comfortable fit and added protection. New reinforced designed fixed nose clip to prevent slide to give you maximum protection from hazardous and unwanted particles. 

✔ EASY TO CLEAN: The mask cover can be washed with hot water and soap when it gets dirty. Comes with 2 extra replacement filters (filters cannot be washed, see the FAQ section for more info)

✔ DURABILITY: Longer lasting mask, built with premium cotton and reinforced design made for daily usage.

    FREE RETURNS: if you are not satisfied with your mask, feel free to return it and receive a 100% refund.

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    • 1x Black cotton mask with adjustable ear strips

    • 2x Activated Carbon filters (pm 2.5)


    This mask has no valves therefore offers a full protection for you and the environment surrounding you (because your exhalations will not come out from the mask), although they might be less breathable. 
    This mask is suitable for all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities where dust or other pollutants may be present.
    Perfect for: city pollution, germs and house cleaning, gardening and lawn mowing, smog, allergens, mold spores, pollen and any volatile organic compound in the air.
    Consult the FAQ section for suggestions on using masks with and without valves.


    Duration time for filters depends on the pollution level and the frequency of usage. 
    Generally speaking, to protect yourself from pollution or any airborne contaminant, we recommend to replace your filter every 2-3 days (if you are using it for several hours a day) or 18-24 hours of total use.
    If you use it in a particularly dusty environment (eg. doing woodworking, gardening, etc) would be better to replace your mask with a new filter after you finish that activity.

    ✅ CURIOSITY: How do activated carbon filters trap pollutants?

    Carbon air filters remove pollutants from the air with a process known as adsorption. Note that this is different from absorption. In absorption, the substance you want to remove (let’s say water) is absorbed into the structure of the absorbent (like a sponge), but it doesn’t become a part of the absorbent on a molecular level. Therefore, when you absorb water with a sponge, the water does not become chemically bonded to the sponge. It just fills in the spaces inside it.

    Carbon filters on the other hand use ad-sorption, not ab-sorption. The key difference here is that during adsorption the pollutants stick to the outside of the carbon. Whereas with absorption, the pollutants are absorbed inside the structure itself–as with the sponge.

    Carbon is a lattice of carbon atoms connected to each other. When a molecule of some airborne substance comes through the carbon, it can stick to the surface of the bed. The process of adsorption allows carbon air filters to filter organic chemicals and pollutants from the air. 

    The problem with the activated carbon bed is that over time, the gaseous pollutants increasingly fill up the adsorption sites of the activated carbon. Once the bed is saturated, the filter can no longer trap pollutants. So, as conditions change, different chemicals may be released from the filter. When a carbon air filter is saturated, you might notice it giving off a strange odor. This is a strong indicator that it’s time to change your carbon filter.

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