Frequently Asked Questions

Sure we do! Order over 25$ for free shipping.
For orders under 25$ a small 5$ fee will apply.

As soon as you will place the order in the online store, your products will be packed and shipped in the same day or maximum the day after depending on the order time. We use the fastest delivery option we have available and you should receive your order within 2-3 days.
Please take in consideration that due to the current COVID-19 outbreak we may experience some delays. We will promptly inform you if we believe your order will take significantly longer than expected.

For the time being, due to COVID-19 outbreak, we are limiting shipments only to the USA territories including outlying islands and non-contiguous United States (Alaska, Hawaii, military addresses, Puerto Rico, Guam and the other US territories). We will update this section as soon as we'll be able to ship orders internationally again. 

That will depend on the activity you are using it for, generally speaking, to protect yourself from pollution or any airborne particulate materials, we recommend to replace filters every 2-3 days (if you are using it for several hours a day) or 18-24 hours of total use.
If you use it in a particularly dusty environment (eg. doing woodworking, gardening, etc) would be better to replace your mask with a new filter after you finish that activity.

Airnex was born in the beginning of 2019 as an Amazon-only store. We are a 1 year old brand led by a team with 6+ years of international trading and e-commerce experience.
As we have been growing our brand and community, we decided to open our own store in 2020. In fact our activated carbon filters, have been best selling items on Amazon for the past several months.
Today, due to changes caused by COVID-19 outbreak, you can find our products available only in this store. We will inform all our customers and followers as soon as our products will be available for purchase on Amazon again. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive our updates and special offers.

Short answer: No, they are not (yet)
Long answer: Going through the NIOSH appllication for the N95/N99 certification is a long and complex process that we are currently working on.
However, our filters passed the tests for Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) and Latex Particle Challenge (PFE) from FDA certified microbiology test lab, Nelson Laboratories (USA), which results in a similar filtration efficiency of N99 filters. (you can find test copies among the images in the product page). 
Therefore our filters are effective for filtering dust, pollen, mold spores, pollution, smoke, allergens, germs, fine particulate and other airborne contaminants.
We will update this section as soon as our products will acquire additional certifications.

Please visit the page Quality Certifications to find copy of the certifications available for our products

The reusable masks can be washed with hot water and soap; please do not machine wash or dry. 
However, all filters and disposable masks cannot be washed and should be replaced after they pass they maximum recommended time of usage.
Please find more details in the product descriptions.

To make a decision in this case is important to understand first what valves are made for and how they works.
Valves are essentially openings in the main mask body designed to facilitate only outflows of air. That is why they are also called one-way exhaust valves.
The main purpose is to expel the moisture coming from your exhalations making the mask more breathable. For this reason, masks with one or two valves are mainly used when doing sport or other physical activities, or if you are planning to wear it for several hours consecutively.
Masks with no valves are commonly used to protect yourself from pollution and dust or to keep yourself isolated when catching a flu or cold, preventing the spread among your family and friends. 

Yes, we do. Reach out to us with your wholesale order inquiry through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and we'll connect you with a sales agent who will take care of your request.

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